I need to have a bit of a moan…

At what point did it become acceptable for shop assistants to passive-aggressively insult shoppers?

For example, I was recently shopping for some new jeans. Yes, a mine field I know. But, as I am attempting a new style in the changing room and the sales assistant is checking on me to see how it is all going, she ventures that perhaps I try another pair she has selected that she tells me in a stage whisper thereby including all the other shoppers in the nearby vicinity that they ‘are good for people of my shape, with, you know, a fuller posterior’ as it were.

And in the interest of full disclosure, without a hint of self defence, I am not overly endowed in the posterior region. I am well and truly what can be defined as an hourglass figure. And, on a good day I am a UK 8, at other horrid times of the month, I am a 10 (U.S. size 4 and 6 respectively). So, by medical standards, I am healthy but in fashion terms I am grossly overweight and borderline enormous.

These days a size 0 is the preference which is no surprise. But, I am a realist and I live in the real world, with, dare I say it, real food. So, consequently I will probably never see a size 0 again. So, to this fashion conscious sales assistant I seemed well over the legal limit in size and she may have felt it was her duty to try and mask my growing backside under a bit of denim camouflage. And while I am on the topic, why do most of the upscale stores and boutiques passive aggressively look down their noses at anyone over a UK 4? Why, why, why???? This is why I shop online!!

But, I gave back to sales assistant as good as I got in the form of a very stern look which prompted her to turn several shades of red and start trying to back track immediately! The problem I have is this; When I venture out shopping it is usually with a certain sense of excitement, generally fuelled by some recent item I have seen in a magazine or something that puts a spring in my step as I make my way to my store of choice. But as I am gleefully making my way to the item in question, I get a ‘look’ or some unpleasant attitude from the type of sales person about whom I speak (you who shall remain nameless, you know who you are!) and just like that, the joy is gone! Just gone!! Now, this is not to say this is the case in all situations. Sometimes, I am so pleasantly surprised that I am truly overwhelmed. But, I am overwhelmed because that rarely happens.

But, the rest of the time, it is such a battle, both internally and externally, to get a joyful shopping experience that I thank God frequently for the ability to shop online! I realise that I am not going to revolutionise the shopping ‘experience’ but come on shop assistants, stop ruining these special moments with your snobby, crappy attitudes about size and shape!

What the retail industry needs is a good lesson in politeness and proper etiquette-somebody call Mary Portas!

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