Out-Of-Town-Fashion (part 1)

When you travel, you always see new things, fashion-wise that is. I’m always inspired and curious about the de riguer of each place to which I travel. That each place has different ‘style laws’, some more enforced than others, is not revolutionary. But I love sussing them out, all the subtle nuances, in each location and am always struck by how no matter what you do to blend, someone always notices you in such a way as to intimate to you, ‘You are definitely not one of us’. That sort of conjures up images of Invasion of the Body Snatchers when they would identify a non-alien amongst them. But, I digress…

On a recent visit to Texas to see family, I was out in the streets of Austin looking for some image that might give insight into the psyche, as it were, to the natives. And just then, my sister nudged me and said, ‘There you go right there, that’s a fashion statement alright!’ And, striding alongside of me was a guy who had clearly interpreted Texas fashion in his own way.

Yes, those are spurs on his flip flops! What a perfect melding of the past and the present, I could not have planned it any better! The casual and relaxed present style with a nod to the Wild West past… That is Texas for you; laid-back, unpretentious, and a bit insouciant with a hint of the past clearly represented all around and still influencing life on some level. It is what it is, as my family would say, no hidden meaning or fussy fashion statements, just easy and a bit playful.

So, the next time you are travelling, take some pics and send them to us with your thoughts on what you see out there-fashion never disappoints, no matter where you are!

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