The Joys of Ebay

Ok, I know, this is not a new statement, to confess one’s love of ebay but it bears repeating and rediscovering.

Firstly, let me just say that I am not addicted to ebay per se, but what a great site it truly is still! My relationship with it has primarily been based on selling, but I do buy from time to time as well. But, how fantastic it is to load an item (or items as the case may be) and see the bidders barter for it-it is quite entertaining as well as satisfying. And, you can’t beat it really. Yes, there are boot sales, and all credit to them. Boot sales are a quick cash transaction and it is all done and dusted in a few hours. But, no disrespect, the buyers at boot sales are not all that label savvy and if you have some things that are worth more than a few quid each, you will end up being disgruntled that you have sold something worth far more than the price you ending up agreeing to. Whereas with ebay, you settle on a starting price only to see it rise quite nicely in the final moments.

This is not always the case with every item, but a bit of a readjustment for the next time you relist the same item and all is mended and the sale gets completed. And, just like that, you have some change rattling in your pocket for an item that you had previously fallen out of love with and the funds for something new to take its place.

For anyone who is considering a wardrobe overhaul, this is the route we always recommend, hands down. The bottom line is, if you have good quality items in good condition that are just not to your hearts content anymore, they are taking up valuable space in your wardrobe and you won’t wear them. Post them on ebay and you instantly have funds to replace, it’s that simple.

By the same token, if you are short of funds and looking for a particular label that is currently beyond your reach, give ebay a good peruse. Yes, you have to be careful and ask the buyer directly is this the genuine article. You could even go as far as to take the item, once purchased, to the store from which it hails to get confirmation of authenticity. But, do your research and if all checks out, you could walk away with a great bargain of something you coveted but could not afford. How fantastic is that?

Either way, whether buying or selling, ebay is still quite a boon and I highly recommend it. In these tough economic times, it’s a great option. So, get selling and shopping people, the sky is the limit!

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