Holiday Wear

To be stylish or comfortable-that is the question! This is a frequent internal debate for women at this time of year when preparing to go on holiday. A friend recently recounted for me her pre-holiday packing drama which consisted on many frantic,sweaty hours of packing and repacking various compilations of outfits based on whether to be chic or comfortable.

She concluded that a mix of the two was the only way to end her agony. And, I wholeheartedly concur with her decision. One does not want to go on holiday only to look plain, unimaginative and bland. I like to push the boat out a bit if I’m honest. It makes the journey feel more special when you put in more of an effort. However, one does not want to spend an entire holiday with clothing that is flattering but binding or blistered feet as a result of beautiful new but torturing shoes clearly not meant for touring. My advice? Make a list for starters-it helps to be clear on what you actually need while you’re away.

Then, think about each outfit individually. Is the fabric long-wearing? Breathable? Warm or cool enough? Or, is an item really unecessary? Next, move onto footwear. Think whether you can spend hours in them and whether you should or will carry a spare pair in a bag. And, most importantly, never forget the accessories. This is where you can add a bit of glamour to bring the all important ‘special’ to your ensemble. No one wants to look like a dumpy tourist! We all want to arrive looking chic and stylish!! And so you should.

Perhaps the baggage might be a bit heavier as a result of your efforts to be more well presented but you can always reuse certain items with other garments to make more room in your cases (for all the shopping you will do while you are away presumably!) Besides. this is your holiday. For most, we don’t go on holiday every week. So, put the effort in! You’ll be glad you when you look back at the holiday pics. Instead of the usual regretful comment like, ‘What was I thinking when I put that on???’

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