How much is that?!?

I am going to get on my soap box a bit again now…Why is it that prices for the same items from store to store cant EVER be the same??? Let me explain…

Very recently I was in a lovely local boutique enjoying a pleasant peruse and spotted a few very purchaseable items and decided to peek at the prices. Then the red warning bells went off. I instinctively knew right then that I should quickly turn and walk away before getting too attached to the new lovelies I had just found because a small voice inside my head said,’You can do better than that price! Its been overpriced, exit the store immediately!’ So, in a pub nearby as the husband and I sat waiting for our drinks, I decided to whip out my trusty ipad and check the market, as it were, for a better deal. So, away I went to Shopstyle to compare pricing. (And, let me just say, could there be a better invention that the creation of Shopstyle for navigating the retail game for the gal on the hunt for a good deal??) And yes, sure enough, there were better deals to be had on the same items.

What really grinds me is having to go through all that bother, time and time again, to get what I am after at a fair price. What about the women who have yet to discover sites like Shopstyle to lessen their pain in getting the item they want? Why must we dig so deep and research the internet until we get Repetitive Strain Injury just quadruple-checking we are indeed getting the best deal? Why can’t there be a clear definitive price on items that you don’t find two weeks later slashed to half of what you paid? I want to never feel that sinking, dreadful feeling ever again myself.

I know, I know, I’m asking the impossible but I hope the shopping Gods are listening and remedy the problem with a snap of their mighty fingers. But, until then, I shall continue my quest for the best deals in Christendom armed with as much shopping knowledge as I can cram into my tiny brain. I suggest you do the same to avoid crying in the fetal position in front of a shop window outside a store that has displayed in the afformentioned window, lets say for example, the same shoes you bought a couple of weeks ago but at 75% off what you paid!!! Cue the tissues…

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