Ode to Nostalgia

Every time I go to a summer festival or head to vintage store, I see them, these women ( and occasionally, men too) who have totally given over to dressing in a particular time era. And, every time, without fail, I think, ‘Wow, I deeply and completely respect their commitment!’ I wish I could dedicate myself to a specific decade like that and never look back. And, I thought, well, I need to at least write down my expression of commendation since I don’t think I will ever make the leap to a permanent decision to follow their lead. My problem is I would never be able to decide which era to settle on as I adore so many things about each time period.

Its the same with my home decor. I love to buy antiques from different eras mixed with a bit of new to get an ecclectic feel. I know I could not pick just one decade to wear solely for the foreseeable future despite my immense affection for so many of them. If for no other reason, than because finding everything I would need would take more time than I could possibly allow. What I find really impressive is not only including era-specific hair and makeup but when they incorporate that dedication to their home and children as well! Again, all I can say is, what respect I have for their complete submission to nostalgic styling!

I would find it limiting as I tend to dress a cetain way given the time of year and of course, my mood. I think a lot of women are influenced by the seasonal mood and where they are in their lives and also what is on their agenda for the day and so on. So, to be willing to give up the flexibility of modern dress to make an uber-style statement has my unwaivering admiration to their dedication. Therefore I say-I salute you, style warrior! Long may you carry your banner high!!

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