“I found my consultation with Dana has really helped me understand which style of clothes suit me and the colours I should look for. I feel more confident when shopping for clothes and try colours/
styles I wouldn’t have chosen before. Thank you!”
Louise E., Surrey

“Learning which colours and shapes best suit me has been a revelation! It has taken the fear out of shopping. Thank you so much. I highly recommend this service to everyone.”
Lisa M., London

“I now understand what to look for when shopping. My wardrobe was looking so drab and now I know why, I was wearing all the wrong things! Thank you for explaining everything so clearly.”
Denise B., Hertfordshire

“I will now take into account the rules that apply to my shape when buying clothes. I found Dana to be both professional and friendly and have recommended the service to a friend.”
Teresa H., Surrey

“Thank you for helping me understand my colours and styles. It was truly informative. I really recommend this service to anyone who ever felt intimidated when shopping.”
Karen C., London

“Wow! What a relief to finally know what to shop for and wear. I had no clue and always felt I was just feeling my way in the dark. This has been really, really helpful. The best money I ever spent.”
Janine B., London

“Thank you so much for sorting me out. I really feel more confident about shopping for what will suit me, not just buying whatever trend is current and hoping it works on me.”
Barbara L., Hertfordshire

“I am so glad I decided to have an image consultation. Dana has shown me what works for me and now feel good about my shape. Thank you so much.”
Linda C., Surrey

“This has been a great experience finally figuring out what my shape is and the colours that best suit me. Thank you for all your help and patience.”
Carla G., Surrey